Flowers, Cupcakes & a Baby shower

This past Saturday, we celebrated a beautiful lady, with a lovely baby shower.  Kristen is a fellow law wife & she has a little boy (one month older than Ollie) who's name is also Oliver!  She is seriously the sweetest woman & she will be having a little girl, due in June.  I am so thankful to have gotten to know her this past year &  I will be so sad when they leave (this is her husband's last semester).  At least she will only be a few hours away, so I can still visit & snuggle her little baby girl!

Our friend, Lauren, was putting the shower on & asked if I wanted to help.  I love parties & events, & was really excited for this one!  We had it at a local coffee shop, Cafe Moka, in their back room.  They had the tables & chairs, so we just brought the decor/food & desserts.  Lauren is amazing & made the tastiest finger foods!  Her broken down bruschetta was to die for & her strawberries, filled with Nutella, were amazing!  I made strawberry cheesecake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting & also made the floral tissue paper wall art (no idea what to call it).  Lauren also made this beautiful wreath (pictured down below) & it was perfect for Kristen's shower!

We had so much fun & I am glad we were all able to celebrate a beautiful new life who will be here soon!  Here are a few pictures from the shower (I took over 100 pictures, so the rest I will be giving to Kristen).  Thank you all for coming & I hope your Thursday is spectacular so far!

(beautiful mama, Kristen)

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