Spring Break

I am so sad that spring break is over for Matt.  I felt like it went by really fast, and Monday came to soon.  Now, it is the recovery period.  My suitcase is still packed & I have about 5 more loads of laundry to do!  I am excited, however, that today is day one of a 28 day Arbonne deox!  As most of you know, sometimes its hard to lose that last bit of baby weight.  I have been struggling for awhile now & its not because we eat unhealthy, because we actually eat pretty healthy!  I have just noticed that it has been hard & so I am excited to see where this leads me!  Ok, enough about detoxing ;)  

Also, be aware that I went collage crazy because there were just TOOO many pictures to post ;)

This past week was Matts spring break.  I was so ready for it to happen & we were really excited to see Matts parents & our nephew, Mason!  They got here two Fridays ago & on Saturday we decided to have a relaxing day.  Matts mom, Elena, took me out for a manicure (which was heavenly) & then we all went & walked around the Matts campus and then topped it off with going to Virginia Beach.  

On Sunday, we decided to head out to the Outer Banks in North Carolina because it was supposed to be a beautiful day.  We went to the Wright Museum, walked along the beach & ate seafood.  Oliver loved having his cousin there with him & followed him wherever he went.  It was nice that someone else could entertain him for a bit ;)  

Monday, we traveled up to Williamsburg & Yorktown.  Honestly, I love history & the Historic Triangle in Virginia is amazing!  I think this was my fourth or fifth trip up there, but I didn't care.  This was also our first time to Yorktown & it was such a beautiful & historic town.  Matt & I want to go up there again!  Also, Oliver's faces crack me up!

Tuesday morning, Matt & I left Oliver with his grandparents & we went on a little date.  It was so nice to be just the two of us & so we got a few donuts & coffee, then headed to the beach.  Even though it was a couple hours, it felt so relaxing & nice to have meaningful talks without being interrupted by our sweet boy ;)  Later that day, we headed to the aquarium & then to watch the jets fly over us!  It was so cool to see them fly & we were right next to them (which made it a bit to loud for Ollie).

Then Wednesday through Saturday we stayed in DC.  This was my second time there, but Matt and I decided that it would be awesome to live there someday (even if its just over the summer).  There is so much to see & so many museums!  We visited the Air & Space Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Holocaust Memorial, the Capital & the U.S. Supreme Court & Mt. Vernon.  We also hit up some very good restaurants and cafes that I definitely recommend: Ebenezers Coffeehouse, Cafe La Madeleine & Good Stuff Eatery (best burgers).  We wanted to go to Baked & Wired, but there was a marathon going on so we are saving that one when we go to DC again!   

It was so hard saying goodbye to family after not seeing them in almost a year!  We are so thankful for them & had such a fun spring break.  Even though we had to say goodbye, we will be seeing them again in a couple months because Matt got an internship in Boise for the summer!!!  We are beyond excited and cannot wait for May to come!

I hope you all have a good week & that your Monday is filled with coffee ;) 

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