9 months

My little baby is growing so fast!  This past weekend, we were staying with some friends & Oliver said his first 2 words, "Hi" & "Mama"!  He has said 'mama' before, but I think he is starting to realize that I am 'mama'!  He also has started to wave!  Of course, Matt was in Virginia & missed all of this.  But, I did capture Oliver saying 'hi' on my iPhone, so that is something!
Yesterday, Oliver had his 9 month check-up & his weight was 17lbs. & 14oz. & is 28 1/2" long!  He is a growing baby!  We are going to give him coconut milk to see if he likes it (doctor approved) & he is starting to eat puff cereal!  He makes a couple of weird faces when he eats the puffs, but overall he really likes them!  Oliver is also getting his 5th tooth (the one next to his two front teeth).  Since he has gotten is two front teeth, he smiles extra big to show them off!  Hilarious!!
Here are a few pictures of Ollie from the other day.  Oliver & his friend Whittaker had a little photo shoot (I was the photographer) & some were pretty cute & funny! 

our weekend in lots of pictures

espresso dark chocolate cupcakes