8 months

I feel like any day now, Oliver will soon be crawling!  He can lift himself really good & can almost get his knees underneath his body.  He can sit pretty good by himself, we just have to be right beside him just in case he does topple over ;)  Sometimes I can compare Oliver to other babies as far as development goes and I know I shouldn't.  All babies are different & each one has their own timing for everything!  I am incredibly in love with this little guy.  He is so funny & is getting more & more vocal!  Oliver has always had a deeper voice, but lately it has become more high pitched & bird-like sounding :) !  He cracks me up the way he always has his mouth open like he is surprised at everything 24/7!  Ollie also does this thing we like to refer as "the silent laugh".  He will get so excited and happy about something & open his mouth to form this huge smile & nothing will come out.  Not a peep.  It is hilarious :)

Oliver is loving food!  I feel as though he is transitioning more towards wanting "real" food than milk.  Anytime Matt & I are eating, he will just stop whatever he is doing & stare while making these little noises as if to say, "please let me eat some!".  His favorite foods so far have been pumpkin & apple and blueberry/pear & purple carrot!  Sometimes I mix them with a little organic rice cereal & he seems to like that as well.  At first I tried to only give him veggies, but he wasn't that interested until I gave him a mix of fruits & veggies.  Of course, I would LOVE to make all his food, but sometimes it is nice to have a couple packs of pre-made food for him ready to go.  We try & buy organic & fewest ingredients possible!  My rule is, if I can't pronounce it or know what it is, we don't buy it.  I have been really enjoying Earth's Best Organics & Plum Organics because they usually have the least amount of ingredients!

Olivers current weight is around 16lbs. 10oz. & height is 28" long!  He has a head full of a beautiful copper locks & always has a smile ;)  Right now he has two bottom teeth & the top two look like they will be here soon!  Happy 8 months my little sweet fox!

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