snowfall & diy children's mason jar gift

Today was filled with snow, coffee, visiting Matt at work, Christmas music, twinkle lights, a woodsy smelling candle & a fun & cheap diy children's Christmas gift!  We are trying to budget this year for gifts & I came across this cute idea from thepapermama on Pintrest!  SO easy & SO cheap!  I actually just went to the Dollar Store & picked up these items (minus the mason jar) & put it together!  I made three of these jars, which came out to be $2.99 each!  The beauty is that you can put anything in these jars & even use a bigger mason jar if you want (price may vary)!  Another idea I had was that you can switch out the rainy day theme for a snowy day theme!  Here is a break down of what I used & the cost of each item.  Also, check out thepapermama for a free rainy day printable & her cute mason jar gifts! 

What you will need:

dollar store:
box of crayons (3 pack): $1
pack of popsicle sticks: $1
glitter glue (3 pack): $1
race cars (3 pack): $1
glitter number stickers: $1
army men: $1
colorful pipe cleaners: $1

set of twelve 8oz. mason jars: $7.97 (about 66 cents each)

ribbon or other decorating items (I had these already)

Total per mason jar: $2.99  

Then put all items in a mason jar & tie a ribbon on the lid.  I also cut out rain drops on card stock then taped them inside the jars. 

oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...