farmers market & neighborhood walks

Oh Saturday, you bring me such joy!  This is a day where there are no plans.  If we wanted to do absolutely nothing, it would be perfectly acceptable.  Sleeping in, making waffles, walks, coffee dates & snuggle time with Oliver are just a few things we love about Saturdays.  But the one thing I love about Saturdays is having Matt & Oliver all to myself!  Sure we hang out with friends or family, but most of the time I am greedy & want them all to myself!  With the work week being hectic & other events that we have to go to, it's nice to know that Saturdays are our day to do whatever we want as a family.

So this Saturday was no exception!  We slept in, made breakfast & got ready for the farmers market.  We stopped by Starbucks to get some much needed coffee (pretty much needed all the time!) then headed to the place where vegetables, pumpkins & honey flow.  The market smelled of fall, with its crisp air, colorful leaves & fresh made doughnuts!

Then we walked.  Walked by beautiful old buildings, abandoned house with apples growing in the front yard, & quiet little neighborhoods.  Walks with my family are special little nuggets which I treasure in my heart.  Where I am reminded how blessed I am to have such an amazing husband & sweet little boy...

portland & multnomah falls

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