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I was so excited this morning when I realized our little Oliver had slept 10 hours last night!  We usually get seven hours if we are lucky...but TEN!   I had read The Baby Whisperer (which I highly recommend!) and we have been trying to follow a good routine for Ollie... Last night proved all our efforts worked out!  Matt and I slept in and it was wonderful!  When we all finally did get up, husband made some breakfast then we got our work-out gear on and headed to the high school track to "exercise".  Mostly Matt ran and I walked with Ollie... I did jog two laps which I am proud of, since that was the first jog I had been on since being prego :)  To get my body back in shape I plan on working out to 30 Day Shred, buuuut  I'll let you know how that goes... 

After our "work-out" sesh, we went on a Starbucks date... Which for us, consisted of going through the drive-thru since we were extremely smelly and plus Oliver was sleeping.  Then went home where Matt folded 3 loads of laundry (I have been slacking in that department) and I baked a chocolate cake for my sister-in-law who is getting married this Saturday!!!  I just have to brag on the hubster because he took care of Ollie pretty much ALL afternoon, folded & put away the laundry, did the dishes, and finally made lunch & dinner!  Thanks Matty, love you lots & lots!

Off to bed for hopefully another 10 uninterrupted blissful hours of sleep!

being lazy...

Oliver Matthew