Fuller hair with LUXY

Ever since having Oliver, my hair has gone through the ringer!  Post partum hair loss is no joke & I have been doing everything I can to make my hair seem thicker.  Teasing my hair, dry shampoo, biotin, blow drying it different ways & the list goes on.  I was first introduced to extensions through my friend who gave me some of hers, but that was before I had Oliver & they were just something fun I put in my hair!  I absolutely loved them, but they were really dark & I ended up giving them to a friend a few years ago that would use them more.  

Then I heard about LUXY hair extensions while watching one of my favorite You Tubers, Mimi Ikonn.  While watching one of her videos, I heard her mention that she started selling hair extensions with her sister & I was intrigued because I always loved Mimi's hair!  When I looked into their hair extensions I found out that they are 100% real Remy hair, which I totally had to look up what that meant & you can read in depth of what it is here!  The short version of what it means is that Remy hair is considered to be the highest grade of human hair extensions because the cuticles are kept intact (which prevents tangling & makes the extensions last longer).

I knew I didn't want low quality extensions that were thin or wouldn't last for awhile.  With LUXY I knew that their quality would be perfect.  And one  thing I really liked about their company, is that you can order a sample FOR FREE of the color you want to test out!  They also offer 3 different collections:  Classic, Seamless & Ombre.  I went with the new Seamless collection which consists of 180 grams & 20 inch long hair extensions.  Since I knew I was getting my hair done, I opted for the dirty blonde clip in hair extensions!  They are absolutely beautiful, silky smooth & they clip in my hair so fast & easy which is perfect for a busy mom on the go.

Here is my hair before I put the extensions in & after.  I also found an easy way to curl my clip in extensions without doing it in your hair, so it makes putting them in way faster & easier!  Just clip them on the top of your shower curtain & curl them!

I have been wearing the extensions for a few days now & I am in love.  I have been telling all my friends about them & I am so excited that I actually have thicker hair!  I have been watching a bunch of hair tutorials for fun braids & LUXY actually has a really neat You Tube channel: LUXY, that has a lot of information about how to take care of your clip in extensions & beautiful hair tutorials.  If you guys are interested, here is a code you can use for $5 OFF your LUXY hair purchase: LUXYLove5.  And here are their links where you can follow along if you would like!

You Tube