Roadtrip Essentials for Ollie

We are headed out for a fun road trip this weekend to Oregon. Oliver is so excited.  We love to go on road trips (thankfully, Ollie has always loved his carseat), & see new places.  Every time we go on a little trip, I make sure I grab a few new items for him to play with in the car.  Now, the majority of the time I hit up the dollar section at Target because the prices are perfect & Ollie has so much fun with all the stickers/books & games they carry!  I wanted to share a few newer items for this upcoming road trip (he doesn't have ANY idea that he is getting these items, so I am really excited)!

The Hudson Tailor Backpack is perfect to hold all his goodies!  It also comes with a detachable lunch box, which is perfect for his snacks.  We usually bring our own snacks on road trips, not only to save money, but also because I noticed that Ollie doesn't feel as great when we get junk food.  We also are water people. We do not buy Ollie juice or chocolate milk at home, so on road trips it isn't any different.

The two main items that I am really excited about are the kids binoculars & the spy kit I bought at our local zoo!  He saw a little boy playing with this same spy kit at the park & ever since then he has been wanting to go to the zoo & buy it.  I originally planned on saving it until his birthday, but since his birthday is on the 13th, I figured a few days early would be fine.  Especially because I know he will get so much use out of it on our trip!  I am SO SORRY for not being able to link the Spy Kit... I tried to find something similar online & couldn't, so if any of you know of something semi similar, please write it down in the comments section ;) And then finally, I am really happy with these kids binoculars from MiniMe Toy Box.  Oliver loves borrowing Matt's binoculars & I figured that having his own would be so special.  Once I have the link for you all to check out the binoculars, I will let you know!  But for now, you can check them out on their Instagram page by clicking HERE.

Listed below are a few other great road trip items!

-Coloring book/crayons

-Favorite books (maybe of the places that you might go to on your road trip)

-Cozy blanket & favorite stuffed animal

-A wipeable drawing board

-We also LOVE these fun Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow (basically, you can paint pictures using just water & then the board will dry up & your child can continue to use it!).

If you can think of anything that your child enjoys, let me know!

Backpack // Paw Patrol Stickers, Road Trip Bingo, Dinosaur stickers & games are from the Target Dollar Spot // Binoculars // Explore World Spy Kit (actually this is from our local zoo!)