Meal Time with Kidfresh

With Ollie having the stomach bug last week & then us both having colds, it has been a lazy few weeks of trying to get better, but it is finally getting warmer outside & we are getting healthier!  Since we have been inside for a few weeks, Ollie has been dying to just be outside & look for bugs.  He has been loving his new bug catcher we got him for Easter & has been finding all sorts of bugs (which I have a love hate relationship with him collecting bugs because he always wants to bring the them in the house...).  So, yesterday we decided to make a little picnic outside for him & his bugs!  He LOVES chicken nuggets & fruit (of course I try & sneak in more veggies) & so he was really excited when I served him exactly what he wanted! 

We always try to have some healthy & easy options on hand for times when we are busy &, for Oliver, we love Kidfresh!  Oliver's favorite products of theirs is The Super Duper Chicken Nuggets & the Mighty Meaty Chicken Meatballs.  A few things I really love about Kidfresh is that they add veggies to all their products, so the chicken nuggets have pureed cauliflower & pureed onion, & the chicken meatballs have onion, carrots & celery!  Their products are also non-GMO, their chickens contain no antibiotics, no artificial flavors or ingredients & finally, no preservatives.  If you want to learn more about what is in their products, click here.

Lately I have been wanting Ollie to get more involved with helping me cook dinner & he actually wants to help me.  Some nights I just want to make a quick meal, but also healthy!  One meal that Ollie really likes is pasta.  Oliver isn't really a fan of bread/pasta noodles, so what I have been using instead, is zucchini noodles!  I buy them already pre-made, simply needing to be steamed before eating.  I just add marinara on top of the 'noodles' & then the Mighty Meaty Chicken Meatballs.  I will say that Ollie LOVES this dish.  If he could have it his way, he would want me to make it every meal.  He tells me that the meatballs are his favorite part & I am fine with that because they contain veggies inside the meatballs!  

As a mom, I wear so many different hats & life can be extremely busy.  I've learned to have grace for myself & know that I do not have to prepare every single meal from scratch.  In an ideal world, that would be great, but I do make sure that I focus on the integrity of the products I buy & the people behind the company.  In wanting to know more about Kidfresh, I read their story on their website. I found out that the founder was a dad who wanted to give his own kids healthy meals that would also be easy & convenient for their busy schedules.  Kidfresh meals are so great and easy that I am not tempted to order a pizza on those busy nights (if you know what I mean). I am glad that I can give Ollie the nutrients he needs as he continues to grow.

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