Easy & Delicious Meals with Blake's All Natural

*This is a sponsored post, but as always, thoughts/review & words are 100% my own.*

I have written about Blake's All Natural pot pies before (you can read that post HERE), but I wanted to share about them again with you all!  We have been purchasing their products for awhile now & really do enjoy them.  They have been lifesavers when I do not have time to make anything for lunch or dinner.  The main thing I love about Blake's products is that they are all natural, certified organic & all of their products are made in small batches, which helps ensure the quality of each product!   

I wanted to highlight two gluten-free & one dairy-free products that we eat!  The first, Turkey & Uncured Bacon Cottage Pie, is gluten-free & has a mashed potato top as the "crust".  Like I mentioned before, every meal is made in small batches & they use whole ingredients, which means there is no powder potatoes in this dish, but REAL potatoes!  The second, Turkey Shepherd's Pie, is both gluten-free & dairy-free!  This pie has a sweet potato top as it's crust (seriously, anything with sweet potatoes is my favorite).  With the variety of ingredients and the generous portions of each pie, you really do not need anything else to go with them.  They contain protein, carbs & veggies, which make up a full balanced meal &, bonus, makes things easier on me!  You can cook them two ways: microwave or the oven.  I prefer the oven, just because I think the tops get crispier.  They also only take about 30-50 minutes to cook. All you have to do is open the package up, tear off the plastic, put them on a baking sheet (they come in a little individual baking dish) & set a timer!  It really makes life a little bit easier on those busy days.

Another thing to mention is that these meals leave you full & satisfied.  They contain the best ingredients & have a variety of meals to offer.  They have 100% organic meals which include: pot pies & mac & cheese options.  They have all natural options, which include: pot pies, chicken & dumplings & mac & cheese meals.  And finally, they have family-size pot pies!  The other important thing to note ( I have mentioned this before), is that their company focuses on making sure they are giving the best to their customers.  As a mother, I want to make sure my son is not only eating healthy, but getting proper nutrients in a meal & Blake's All Natural checks those boxes off for me.  Blake's started as a family run business back in 1929 & the being parents, they understood the importance of feeding their family right!  And Blake's still does today!  Whether you are a busy parent or just want an easy meal to make, Blake's is perfect!

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