Holiday hustle & bustle with Peet's Espresso

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Peet’s Espresso Capsules*

You all know how much I love espresso & I was so excited to get the opportunity to work with Peet’s to help showcase their Espresso Capsules!  It was funny because I was in Target with a friend & I saw that Peet’s had espresso capsules that would work in my Nespresso Original  machine! I was so excited & I bought some even before I received the email to work with them!

Matt & I are both dark roast fans & we love our espresso at all times of the day.  With the holidays here & days that are extremely busy, it is nice to be able to make an espresso at home.  The thing I love about these espresso capsules is that you can drink them just as an espresso shot, or you can make a flavored latte or mocha!  My favorite espresso blend is their Cream Scura: Intensity 9! I love the crema on this espresso & it tastes so rich & not bitter.

Peet’s Coffee Espresso Capsules come in 4 different dark roast blends that range from an 8 intensity to an 11.  The first is Ricchezza (Intensity 8), which has blossom, berry & brown sugar notes to it. I like to drink this one on its own without adding any milk to it.  The second is my favorite, Crema Scura (Intensity 9) & its notes are full bodied earthy & nutty flavor. I really like this one as an americano with a little coconut milk or in a flavored chai latte.  The third is Ristretto (Intensity 10) & it’s notes are both bold & intense spices, fruit & chocolate! And finally, the fourth is the Nerissimo (Intensity 11). The Nerissimo is their most intense & bittersweet espresso & when you add milk, it is creamy, dessert goodness!  All of the capsules are made of aluminum & come in the most gorgeous colors!

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