Tips for better photography & a cohesive Instagram feed

Tips for better photography & a cohesive Instagram feed

Happy Tuesday!  Here is the third installment of The Mom Blog Collective: Tips for better photography & a cohesive Instagram feed. If you're new here, here's the scoop. Every other week, our group of amazing and inspiring mamas will answer the same set of questions to do with blogging, Instagram, photography, collaborations, sponsored posts, balancing it all with motherhood, and more. We each have different perspectives and different opinions, so this is a fun way to learn from one another. We hope you'll join along! Check out the hashtag #themomblogcollective to see everyone on Instagram, and I will also link you to all of the amazing blog posts here at the bottom of my post!

1.  Share a little bit about your feed & style!

For my feed, I really wanted it to be clean yet cozy.  In the beginning, I really looked up to certain Instagram accounts & took notes, yet made my own style!  I have always loved clean & white backdrops & so my eye always gravitates towards that.  But on the other side of that, I love warm & cozy photos & since fall is coming up, I am really excited to change up my feed!

2.  How do you create a cohesive feed on Instagram?

This is a hard question because I feel like I am always striving to get a cohesive feed!  For my feed, I space out people photos & overhead shots, that way it creates a variety.  Also, sticking to a color scheme can help tremendously!  During the summer I stuck white whites/greens & natural tones, whereas this fall, I will choose another color scheme to go with a cozier feel!

Here is my current Instagram

3.  What do you use to take photos & how do you edit them?

I usually take photos on my Nikon D3200 or my iPhone 7.  It really depends on what I have on hand when I am out & about & sometimes my iPhone takes better photos than my camera!  For my blog it is 99% Nikon photos, whereas my Instagram can vary.  I am constantly working on the clarity of my photos & so I am using my Nikon more & more for Instagram posts!

For editing, my top two FAVORITE editing apps are VSCO & Snapseed.  Both are free editing apps, but VSCO does have in-app purchases to get different editing styles.  For my style of photos on Instagram & my blog, I usually brighten my photo first using VSCO & then I go into VSCO & choose the edit I absolutely love & right now it is J2, but I have also used A6 & loved that as well.  Then I will save that photo & open it up in Snapseed & either darken/lighten the photo!  Snapseed also has an amazing feature where you can brighten or darken certain areas of the photo & change the contrast/saturation/exposure.  Here is an example of how neat editing is & how it can change the style of your feed!

BEFORE edits with VSCO & Snapseed

Taken with a Nikon D3200

AFTER with both editing apps

4.  How do you ensure your posts are successful?

This is another iffy question, because Instagram is always cray cray!  I have stopped going into thinking that a post will do great because if it doesn’t, I will get bummed out & it really is not worth it!  I honestly just post what I like & then go from there.  I do switch up hashtags & I have tried to find that “perfect time”, but I still cannot seem to find it.

5.  What do you feel makes a successful Instagram account?

I feel like people can see right through someone who is not genuine.  I always post things I like & I try to be authentic about it all!  Also, consistency is KEY!  That way your followers look forward to seeing your posts, I know I have a few absolute favorites that I cannot wait to see!

6.  How do you get your kids to participate and smile for the camera?

This one I haven’t had huge issues with because Ollie is for the most part a really good sport about it all.  Sometimes bribery works, but I try not to do that because I don’t want to create a robot as a kid & if I am constantly bribing him, then its not authentic!  But, one advice is that if you are loving what your child is doing, then snap a million photos at once that way you can at least have gotten a great shot!  Also, patience is key, try not to get frustrated with them if you don’t get that “perfect” shot.  After all, a photo can wait!

Thank you all so much for reading & I really hope you took away a little bit from this post.  Here are some amazing mamas & their posts on this topic! | @ occasionally_perfect | @mrsseacannon | @britthavens | @steph__ pollock | @cul tivatemotherhood | @_ ashley_noel_ | @ hellobabybrown | @ blessednestblog | @thelovedesignedlife | @hollynbaron | @hopefeathers

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