Pillow Talk With Tomorrow Sleep

It has been a little over two weeks since my last post about Tomorrow Sleep.  I wanted to give you an update of how we are liking it so far & also touch a little on my sleeping routine!  This is a loose routine because of course, it varies week to week on how I am feeling, but this is just the basics!

One thing I have to note, is that I have been sick for almost a week now with a cold.  To top it off, Ollie has one too, yet in good ole toddler fashion, he has energy of a person that drank 10 cups of coffee in an hour!  So, our sleeping routine is amped up with lots & lots of oils!  

Every night, I fill both my diffuser & Oliver's diffuser with some essential oils.  I do this daily, but when we get sick, I change up what oils I put in.  Recently, I have been putting in lavender, tea tree oil, breathe & peppermint.  On nights where we aren't sick, I just put in lavender & tea tree oil, since it really helps us sleep better!  I also get one of my glass spray bottles & fill it up with water, & the same oils & spray all over the room/bed & pillows!  I may overdo the oils, but I like to be safe ;)

So, besides the diffuser, I make sure that at least 30 minutes before I go to bed, I put away my phone.  I've noticed that when I am on my phone while in bed, I am a hot mess the next day.  Seriously, eyes puffy & red & I feel like it also keeps my brain on & it ends up taking me awhile to actually fall asleep.  I don't turn my phone off all nights, but I have been really making that a priority, at least 30 minutes before bed!  Also, i try not to drink water 30-45 minutes prior to bed because I feel like that disrupts my sleeping so much!  Whereas my husband has to have a glass of water by his bed at all times!

Now, on to my updated review of Tomorrow Sleep & their mattress & pillows!  I am being totally honest when I say that I have never slept better!  I was actually talking to a few friends about mattresses & I couldn't stop talking about this one!  A few things we have noticed since sleeping on it is one, the actual mattress is a tiny bit thinner than my other mattress.  This doesn't deter at all from the comfort level, it is something we just noticed.  The second thing is that it is a little bit softer since we have gotten it.  We got the medium-firm mattress because we do like firmer better, but as with the first thing we noticed, the tiny bit of softness has also not deterred our sleeping!  I really have no complaints about the comfort of the bed at all, & I am not just saying that.  I usually sleep on my side or my stomach & one thing with my other mattress, I noticed my arm would fall asleep???  Yet I have noticed that with this mattress, my arm has never fallen asleep.  I'm not sure what that means, but I have just noticed that!  Also, sidetone is that my husband purely lays on his back.  Like a mummy.

A little bit about their cooling pillows, is that they have been great so far!  I am a down pillow type of gal, so this has been a slight adjustment.  I had a small neck injury when I was around 7 years old & had to go to the chiropractor when I was young & I honestly feel its ruined my neck.  So, since then the only pillows that have actually worked for me has been down.  Regular pillows seem to leave my head stiff the next morning & I wake up with a huge headache.  All of that to say, I have used their pillow in order to write a honest review & it actually feels somewhat like a down when you are laying on it.  It is heavier, but I think anything feels heavier to me after having the same down pillow for 8 years!!  Also, since they are cooling, it has been nice since I have been sick & unusually feeling hotter than normal, they help stabilize my body temperature!

I will be writing one more post to give my monthly update & I will let you know how it is still going for us!  Thank you again for taking the time to read this & hope your Thursday is going well!





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As always, this post is 100% my own honest review.  This company has provided me with the products, but all thoughts & words are mine!

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