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Getting A Good Night's Sleep with Tomorrow Sleep

Getting A Good Night's Sleep with Tomorrow Sleep

As most of you all know by now, we have moved to Boise, Idaho.  Matt started a job right away & life has been crazy ever since!  We have been getting up around 6:20am every morning & then Matt will leave for work by 7:20am & I never know when he will come home because of the type of work he is doing.  It could be that he comes home around 4pm or like last night, at around 9pm (that is rare though).  While he is at work, I am busy at home, putting the house together or running errands.  Needless to say, we are both exhausted by the end of the day!

As busy moms & dads, we need sleep, not only to better ourselves, but to be a better parent to our kids!  I know that when I am beyond tired & still have to function throughout the day, I can get grumpy, especially towards Oliver.  I knew something needed to change & I was so excited when Tomorrow Sleep reached out & wanted me to honestly review their mattress & pillows to see if we noticed any changes with not only how well we sleep, but if we felt rested when we got up in the morning.  I felt like they KNEW I was in need for some rest & it could not have come at a better time!

In the next coming weeks, I will post periodic updates & honest reviews on how we are liking the mattress & pillows.  Since it has only been a week since we have received the mattress & pillows, I will give you all a short review, but also, I mainly wanted to give you the background of the brand.  

Tomorrow Sleep is a company that is all about providing the best sleep to everyone & providing all the necessary products to do that.  They don’t just make mattresses, but they make pillows, Sleeptracker monitor, sheet set, comforter, mattress protector, & black out drapes!  Every item has a specific purpose to help with sleeping better.  And all of their products are backed by Serta Simmons Bedding, so they have the extensive research from over a century worth of sleep knowledge!

We chose the hybrid mattress in size queen & they have two levels of mattress feel:  medium-soft or medium-firm.  We chose medium-firm because we both like firmer mattresses.  The bed came in a box & was delivered right to our door in just a few days!  The mattress is made of a cooling memory foam & to be honest, I was a bit skeptical since I have slept on memory foam mattresses before & didn’t like how they engulfed me.  The first night, Matt got home late & we just set up the mattress & went to sleep.  The next morning, Matt asked me how I slept & I told him I didn’t remember!  We took that as in I slept really great because I didn’t wake up once!  

We also received two of their memory foam pillows & they are amazing!  When I first opened the boxes to get the pillows out, I noticed right away that they felt really cool in temperature.  They are also a heavier pillow, yet aren’t stiff!  So far, they have kept me feeling a bit cooler than my normal down feather pillow!

So, this is just a short post on how I am liking the mattress so far & next week i will update you all a bit more after the two week mark!  Tomorrow sleep has also provided you all with a coupon code for $100 off any $500 or more order!  Just use code: DARLING100 (it expires the end of this year!) for that $100 off!

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