A little bit about my lashes

Let's talk all about lashes today shall we?!  Well, back in late March, my friend sent me over the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost.  Before I tell anyone about products, I like to test them out to see if I actually like them or not.  I have had numerous products fail & so I never see the point to advertise them if I didn't like them, but this lash boost is a TOTAL game changer!

Here are my BEFORE photos taken on March 26th, 2017.  Also, no judging allowed of my non-plucked eyebrows (eeeek!).

And here is myself with no mascara on (again, I am so awkward when taking selfies).

So, as you can gather from these photos, I have hardly any lashes.  I usually wear falsies if we go out somewhere really nice or if it is a special occasion, but I hate them with a passion!  I don't know if it is just the way I put them on, maybe I am putting them on wrong???  But, they irritate my eyes, so I end up taking them off as soon as we get in the car.  Or if you are like me, I wore some to church & one fell right off!!  Talk about embarrassing because then my eyeliner was messed up (mortifying, or at least to me).  Anyways, I have always heard of other methods to try, like professional salon lashes, but those are so pricey that I could never afford it, EVER (unless Matt get's a high paying attorney position, then I will think about it).  Insert my friend Jessica.

Jessica is a beautiful mother to three gorgeous little girls & we met in Oregon, where I had lived right before moving to Virginia.  Bottom line is that I trust her & since I already have a few friends that use Rodan & Fields, I knew that it was a trusted brand.  She reached out to me & shared about Rodan & Fields & how much they stand behind their product.  I was really interested, but had already tried selling Arbonne (which I love their products, but I am just not good at selling haha) & like anything, I want to make sure I believe in the products as well.

Okay, so lashes.  Jessica talked about this product she had been using & loving called, Lash Boost.  She told me that it made her eyelashes so much longer & fuller & right away I was hooked!  I had been searching for the perfect mascara for pretty much my entire adult life & they never seemed to make my eyelashes look fuller like they advertised (now I know most of the industry is a sham & they wear falsies when advertising their mascaras!).  Anyways, Jessica sent me the Lash Boost serum to try & if I didn't like it, oh well, but if I did, i wanted to share with you all!

The Rodan & Fields Enhancement Lash Boost is an eyelash serum that promotes length & growth for your eyelashes.  They say you can see results a little after 4 weeks & by 8 weeks you will majorly see the results.  Well, for me, it took about two weeks to noticeably tell a difference & I was so excited!  I sometimes use it on my eyebrows & oh my goodness, my eyebrows were so thick.  You literally apply it to your eyelashes at night & voila, that is it!  I have been using the serum religiously since March, but got really sick for a few weeks & didn't want to put it on before bed, not because of side effects, but because I was so lazy & literally just wanted to sleep.  The reason for adding that tidbit in, is that I still have a lot of serum left in the tube & it is the middle of July.  So, this product does last awhile & even though it is semi-pricey (about $150), it is still nothing compared to salon prices & other lash enhancers, PLUS, they are your eyelashes!  Not falsies!

Here are some photos I took yesterday.

Here is one where I am wearing one coat of mascara.  This product also made my bottom lashes grow too!

If you would like to know more about Rodan & Fields & their Lash Boost, feel free to contact Jessica (she is such a sweetheart!)

EMAIL:  baumstudio@gmail.com