life made easy

To say life has been crazy lately is an understatement.  With moving across the country in a few weeks, packing, finishing up work projects, taking care of my family & household chores, it all adds up!  Thankfully we received the bObi classic robotic vacuum a few weeks ago & let me just tell you that I'm in LOVE.  It has been a life saver for me & has kept me somewhat sane.  When Ollie first met bObi, he was so excited!  Now he always wants to hold her remote & thinks she is the coolest thing ever.  

She (we started referring bObi as a girl) can sweep, vacuum carpet & mop!  She is a robotic vacuum cleaner & super helpful with cleaning dust particles!  The part I really like about bObi is that I can schedule times for her to clean.  I can set her to clean Sunday through Saturday & when she is running low on juice, she heads back to her home (hilarious, I know!).  She has over 80 sensors that helps her not fall off stairs or run into walls & she also has a HEPA filter that helps get rid of those allergens!  I literally can start bObi & she goes around the house & vacuums everything!  The only thing is that she cannot go on our shag rug because her vacuum suction is strong to pick up everything, so she may get stuck, but with every other surface & flat rug, she does really well! Overall, she has been such a help.  I am so thankful that I no longer have that extra cleaning step & bonus is that she keeps Ollie entertained!  You can follow along with bObi here:

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Our bObi:  Classic bObi


As always, I received this product in exchange for my honest review.  All words & pictures are my own.