3 day cleanse with Suja

Suja has been so sweet & sent both Matt & I a 3 day juice cleanse, which was perfect to kickstart the new year!  We have always loved their brand & the quality behind their cold-pressed, organic juices.  The 3 day Original Fresh Start Program included three of each (Glow, Fuel, Purify, Twelve Essentials, Green Supreme & Blue Dream).  I didn't want to do this program to necessarily lose weight, but of course that's always a plus, but we did it to help kickstart a healthy lifestyle.  We have been fairly consistent with our plant-based lifestyle & my ultimate goal is to go 100% plant-based.  I just feel so good when I don't eat processed foods & Matt is the same.  Of course I love sweets, but I feel like I can get addicted to processed sugar & really wanted to try & eat less of it.  My friend Steph over at KoleImpressions Blog had mentioned that her sweet daughter has never had processed sugar & I was in awe!  I really wished we would have waited to give Oliver processed sugar because then he wouldn't know a difference.

So, after deciding to start 2017 with a healthier mindset, we received our juices (which come boxed with a bunch of ice packs to keep the juices cold) & a pamphlet explaining how the cleanse works.  A few days prior to the cleanse, it's recommended to eliminate coffee, alcohol, processed foods, dairy & red meats.  Since we haven't eaten meat in awhile & primarily were on a whole foods diet, we didn't have to eliminate much.  

The first day, we started off drinking warm water with lemon.  We then moved on to drink our breakfast juice which was Glow.  This juice was a green juice but had an apple for added sweetness.  We both didn't mind this one & it tasted pretty good.  Snack was Fuel, which was up there as one of my favorites.  This one had lots of fruit, but also carrots & turmeric.  Lunch was Purify (mainly vegetables with some apple & lemon to cut through the beet taste).  Now, at around lunch, we were feeling pretty hungry.  On this cleanse, you are recommended to keep to the juices, BUT they do say you can have a few things to eat if you are really hungry.  Sweet potato was on that list so Matt & I had some of that.  After a few hours, we had the mid-afternoon snack of Twelve Essentials.  Let's just say, this was not our favorite.  It was ALL greens, with a little lemon, but it tasted green.  It took longer to drink this one.  Dinner was Green Supreme & I actually really liked it because it only had kale, lemon & apples!  Ok, now, our FAVORITE drink of all was the Blue Dream (the dessert drink).  This one had almonds, some fruit, cinnamon & vanilla.  It tasted amazing & the perfect drink to end our day.  Overall, our first day went well & I was ready for day two.

Day two we woke up really tired.  Not going to lie, it was a tough day.  We both had headaches & we did end up getting coffee, no sugar in it, but we needed that caffeine.  It did help us & I didn't see a huge difference with the way having the caffeine made us feel, but I know it would have been better to have skipped the coffee all together.  Day three was sort of the same as day two, but we decided to head to the beach to get some fresh air.  Even though it was freezing, we still had a fun time & we even saw a bunch of humpback whales (which pretty much made Ollie's day).  

Overall, I actually didn't mind this cleanse.  It was hard in the sense that sometimes we just wanted to eat real food & the tiredness, but the drinks were pretty tasty & I knew they were amazing for us!  I ended up losing about 5 pounds & Matt lost around 3 pounds.  We both felt lighter & refreshed, but it was a bit hard having to feed Ollie & seeing the yummy plant-based bowls I was making him & knew I couldn't eat haha.  But, in all honesty, it was ONLY 3 days.  Just make sure you do it on the weekend or a time where you don't have much going on.  We did it on a weekend where Matt had Friday off, so that helped!  

The following day we celebrated with donuts & coffee, bad I know, but since the cleanse, I have pretty much eliminated sugar from my coffee & I threw out all our processed flour (besides coconut & almond flour) & processed sugar.  That way it helps us keep on track.  I have still got a ways to go, but making small changes, in whatever way, makes a huge difference!  Again, thank you Suja so much for doing this for us!  If you want to find out more about this cleanse & their company, you can find them here & make sure you follow along!






*Suja provided me with their products, but review is my own

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Boston 2016

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