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It's no surprise that I am addicted to knitting & all things cozy.  To me, knitting is relaxing & makes me feel that I accomplished something.  I first learned how to knit at 19 years old when a few college friends taught me & I took off from there!  I started off making scarves, mittens, blankets, bonnets, and donuts. Now, I also make sweaters & rugs thanks to We Are Knitters!

I first stumbled upon We Are Knitters on YouTube when I was looking for new knitting techniques a few years ago. I loved their tutorials!  So, imagine how excited I was when they reached out & wanted to send me a few kits in exchange for my review.  I got to pick out four kits, & let me tell you that it is so hard to just pick out a few (I seriously wanted them all!).  I received the kits a few weeks ago, but because I got really sick, I had to put all knitting on hold. I have only had time to create two pieces out of the four, but once I do finish them, I will post a mini review of the other two pieces & post them here!

A little bit about the kits: they include everything you need in order to create your chosen piece.  Usually, a kit includes the knitting needles (or crochet) needed for the specific project, the pattern, your chosen color yarn (& the type of yarn), small knitter's sewing needles & the embroidered We Are Knitters label!  When you head to their site, you can also choose the skill level you want & the pattern (from the type of garment you want & whether you want adult sizes or child sizes!).  The four kits I chose were the Udon Blanket, Nolita Sweater, Shanghai Carpet, & the Mini Classic Sweater.

The first kit that I finished was the Udon Blanket.  I chose the color Spotted Grey in 100% Peruvian Wool.  The yarn was so soft. The pattern was really easy to follow & I finished it in a few days!  It is so cozy & the perfect throw blanket for those chilly nights.

The next kit was the Mini Classic Sweater, which I chose in Forest Green!  I specifically chose this kit because I have always wanted to knit Oliver a sweater & this one seemed easy enough for my first sweater!  I also chose this kit because we have family photos in a week (had to reschedule twice because of me being sick) & I wanted him to have a cozy, warm wool sweater for the photos!  This kit includes 100% Merino wool which is extremely soft & perfect for a child who hates scratchy yarn!  Since I want to wait to show the sweater until family photos, I will post the finished product next week with the second follow-up blog post!

Next is the Shanghai Carpet.  I ordered this fabric yarn color in light grey. It is a durable yarn, perfect for walking on!  This is one of the two kits I haven't finished yet because of being sick, but I will post photos soon!

Finally, the last kit that I have not started yet, is the Nolita Sweater. I chose this sweater because it looked so cozy & it was oversized (which are my favorite type of sweaters)!  I chose color Pearl Grey because it had a touch of pink in it!  I really do not own anything in pink, so I figured this would be a great start!  This yarn is also the 100% Peruvian Wool which is so soft! 

Overall, I have really loved these kits!  The patterns are really easy to follow along with & everything you need is there!  I highly recommend We Are Knitters for yourself or for gifts & they are having their Black Friday Sale this weekend, with items up to 35% off!!!  I am totally going to be ordering a few pieces I have had my eyes on, including this Snowflake Cushion which is so cute for Christmas!  Be sure to follow them along as they post the most drool worthy posts!

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