Cozy Comfort Food with Blake's All Natural

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With autumn's crisp weather finally here, I have been wanting to make all the comfort food!  I don't know what it is with this time of year, but I crave all things warm, tasty & cozy.  Having a family dinner where we are all sitting together & talking about our day while eating a delicious meal is my favorite.  I'm sad to say that with both Matt & my busy schedules, sometimes a meal together doesn't happen during the week, but when it does, I savor it because we are together.

Like I mentioned above, there are some days where I am so busy that I have zero time to make any sort of meal for dinner, & we end up ordering in or going out to get greasy take-out.  I wish I could say that I am super mom & made all our meals by scratch, but that isn't the case.  Hence, this is where I discovered Blake's All Natural meals.  I want to just say that I have never been a huge fan of freezer meals because of all the unnecessary ingredients, but I was really impressed with Blake's & their caring attitudes towards the quality & ingredients of their products.

If you go to their website, they tell their story of how they first started their company & it is seriously the sweetest (you can read about their story here)!  It is all family run & they make everything by scratch & they care about the quality that goes into each product.  Their meals consist of some being all organic, always all-natural, gluten free or dairy free!  My favorite so far has been their Turkey Shepherd's Pie & Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie.  The great thing about these freezer meals is that not only can they be cooked in the microwave, but you can also cook them in the oven!  I personally prefer the oven better, because it gives the meals a more flakier feel, but both ways still tastes the same!  Nothing about these meals taste fake or leave you feeling hungry, which is perfect since I have two hungry boys at home!

The reason I wanted to share with you all about this company is that I truly stand by their product.  They care about family & gathering around with delicious meals, not only at special occasions, but everyday.  Plus, not only are they easy to heat up, but I can serve them to my family & friends without feeling bad about the quality of the ingredients.  Not to mention the HUGE timesaver that these provide us when our days have been the busiest!  Blake's All Natural meals taste perfectly homemade & leave our family feeling full!

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