My JORD watch

My JORD watch

Right before we left for Vermont & Boston a few weeks ago, I received my very first JORD watch.  Before I go on about this watch, you need to know one thing about me & that is that I NEVER wear watches.  I think I've boughten two watches in my life & probably wore them a total of 10 times.  I just feel like watches make my wrists look stumpy & my hands look huge (these are the things I think about).  Anyways, I was both excited & a little nervous about how this JORD watch would look on me.

When I opened the package, this wooden box was in there & since I'm all about presentation, I thought this was beautiful.  After opening the wooden box & taking the watch out I thought it was so pretty.  Even my husband liked it & immediately said he wanted one!  I love simplicity & that is why I chose this wood watch.  This watch is part of their Frankie series & if you want to check it out, click here to see it!  It has rose gold (my FAVORITE) & the face of the watch was simple in color slate.  The watch itself is made of dark sandalwood & is really well made.  Of course this sounds like a sales pitch, but in reality I thought it was just beautiful.  I'm such a detailed person & so I look at those things when I look at products to get.  I also make sure I really like it before I get it.

Now it was time for the REAL test, putting it on my wrist.  JORD sized it for me, but also put extra links in there just in case.  When I put it on, it felt so light & comfortable.  I actually received it the day before we left on our trip to Vermont, so I figured I would wear it everyday & see how it felt & how it looked.  I am not going to lie when I say this, but I have worn it everyday & consider it a true fall accessory!  Matt continues saying he wants one, so maybe for Christmas!  Anyways, here are a few pictures of how I styled it, because I think I have said enough about a watch & I'm sure you don't want to read a few more paragraphs explaining each detail why I love it so much ;)     

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