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Week 2: Arbonne 28 Day Detox Review

I can't believe that I am on my third week with the 28 day detox!  Not going to lie, last week was harder than the first.  I didn't cheat with meals or anything drastic, but I did have an iced coffee (no sugar, just added a dash of coconut milk to it)... But other than that, it went well & we had our 2 week weigh-in on Monday!  I lost TWO pounds!  So, in total, I have lost six pounds in two weeks!!!  I can definitely notice my pants getting a little looser and also having a little less of a muffin top ;)  Overall, I still feel pretty energetic & this week is the start of the 7 day cleanse on top of the detox!  The 7 day cleanse comes in seven little packets of liquid that help cleanse out your system.  You use one packet a day & mix it with 32 ounces of water.  I honestly do not mind the taste at all, plus, I am drinking a lot more water!  Other than that, everything is the same (as far as my diet goes).  I have been trying to get more exercise in (by exercise, I mean walking) & it is finally getting warmer, so we are outside a lot more!  I still love drinking the shakes & plan on continuing with the shakes after my detox!  If you have any questions, please, feel free to comment or email!

Here is just a little over view (starting weight was 141 pounds):

Week 1:  137 pounds
Week 2:  135 pounds 

Thank you again for all your encouraging words to me as I continue on this detox.  Some days are harder (mentally), but I can get through it!  This detox has been teaching me a lot about discipline... haha!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

(Oliver loves helping me make my shakes & enjoys drinking them as well)


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