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Pinterest Friday: Fall Garland Decor

Happy of happiest Fridays to you all!  I am so excited for the weekend to start & to kick it off, we are watching The Patriot tonight while drinking Oregon Chai tea!  Yum!  

Today, I wanted to share two fall garland projects.  They both are very inexpensive!  The first one is what I like to call "Falling Pinecone"...  All this required was a branch, some pinecones, white paint, and fishing wire.  The first thing I did was bake the pinecones at 200 degrees F for about 45 minutes because that is what Pinterest told me to do.  Haha, but really, it is supposed to kill any pinecone bugs that may be hiding! Next, I put some white paint in a container and dipped each pinecone halfway.  Then I laid them on newspaper to dry.  Once dried, I tied the bottom of the pinecone with the clear fishing wire and then strung each one on the branch.  Finally, I hung the branch with the fishing wire & cream colored yarn (just so you can see it better).  It was a very fun project and I really like the results!

Yesterday, there was a craft day with the Law Wives, put on by a very sweet friend, Paige.  We made fall banners & so I thought I would share what I did.  I didn't pay for any of these materials, but I know they are very cheap!  First off, I cut out mini circles (not all are perfect, but I like it) & then I used a hot glue gun to glue the circles onto some white twine.  REALLY easy & there is no sewing involved, which is perfect for me!  Both these projects probably took me a couple of hours & they are so cute!  I hope you guys enjoy & have a marvelous weekend!

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