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Seriously, the BEST cleaner!

If you love cleaning like me (seriously, I really do) then you will LOVE this product!  First, I have to give credit to my friend Alice who showed me this household gem.  Thank you!  It is called Bar Keepers Friend & you can find it pretty much at any retailer or grocery store.  A lot of you may already know how awesome this product is, but I was recently introduced to it & fell in love.  It is pretty much like the magic eraser, except a million times better & cheaper!  At Walmart, for a 21oz. can, it will run you $1.81!  It may even be cheaper on the mainland, since I am still in Hawaii.  I have used it so far on stainless steel appliances, walls (great for taking off scuffs & fingerprints), baseboards, washer & dryer.  I know, I probably sound like an infomercial, but I really am excited about this product!  You guys definitely need to check it out!  Also, if you go to their website here, they have a printable 50cent off coupon!   

How I use  it...

 wet a cloth & fold in half
then sprinkle some Bar Keepers Friend & fold in half again
you want to kind of make a paste, yet have the product sort of soak in the cloth
then just scrub away!  

Super easy & makes everything look new again!      

Here is a link that tells you what you can use this product on!  I have used it on grout & it works great, but my friend Chelisa (who has an amazing blog, Treadway Made) posted about an awesome grout cleaner found here!  You guys should check it out! 

It works great on stainless steel appliances!

Left side (dirty), Right side (used Bar Keepers Friend)

Griddle on my parents stove...

this grime was years in the making...
after a good scrub (only did half so you could see the difference)!

(This is not a sponsored post, I bought this product on my own)

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