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I love it when pay day arrives!  It means new meal plans, new budgets & organizing!  Maybe this doesn't sound that appealing to a lot of people, but I am a little crazy when it comes to organizing!  I have this competition with myself every month to see how I can spend less than I did the previous month with groceries, household items, eating out, etc.  Of course, not every month I succeed. At the beginning of each month, Matt & I sit down & write out a budget.  We have been trying out the Dave Ramsey budget & envelope system & really like it!  Our goal is to buy a (new to us) family car, since ours is on its last leg... Here is the link for the pdf of the Dave Ramsey Guide to Budgeting.

I've never considered myself to be an unhealthy eater (although, I may have a slight sugar problem ;) & I try to skip the processed food aisles as much as I can.  The overly processed box items are of course really cheap, but I want to try & fuel my family with the best that we can afford!  Buying organic is expensive, so it usually is not an option.  Buying healthy is affordable though!  Of course, there are those dinners, sometimes deemed "meatless meal nights", which are meant to try & save a few, but overall it is not that expensive to make wise choices.  We have been eating oatmeal everyday (except weekends) because not only is it good for you, but it is cheap!  Just by adding some honey, cinnamon & nuts makes it yummy & not so boring!  It got to a point where Matt was going through at least 2-3 cereal boxes a week, which we had to always buy the gluten free chex!  It adds up.  For lunches, I will usually make a salad & for Matt a gluten free sandwich.  Dinners, I buy frozen veggies in bulk & pre-make chicken breast & freeze it until we need it.  Snacks consist of hummus, veggies or fruit.  I make a meal plan each week & try & use up what I have in my pantry/fridge & freezer first.  That helps in the saving process & also for me to know what exactly I have already!  Also, making things ahead of time & freezing helps save time & money because then you don't have the excuse of not having anything for dinner!

This might be old news for a lot of people, but this process really helps me save & choose meals wisely!  If anyone has any other saving/healthy tips, I would love to hear them! 

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