DIY: gold sequin heart bookmark

"Vanity working on a weak head produces every sort of mischief." - Mr. Knightley, "Emma" by Jane Austen

Emma has to be my favorite novel written by Jane Austen.  Her writing is beautifully detailed & you feel as though you are one of her characters!  I have watched pretty much all of the Jane Austen movies & definitely wish I could have lived during that era.  Matt & I equally share in the movie selections.  I make him watch a romance & in return I watch one of his war/western movies ;)  Since Valentines Day is coming up, it's going to be a romance for sure!  On the note of Valentines, I have a hard time with the fact that it places pressure on the guy to buy overly priced flowers, chocolate, etc...  Of course, don't get me wrong, I would love it if Matt did surprise me with those things, but the stores raise the prices so much!  Plus, I want every week to be date night, not just one designated day.  And, did I mention I wouldn't mind chocolate every day? haha...

Ok, on another note, here is a cute gold sequin bookmark that is really easy to make for yourself or a gift!  Happy Valentines Day & happy crafting!

(I cut my ribbon 11" & I pre-cut the felt hearts using one large white felt piece)

step 1: use the hot glue gun and put a dot at the bottom of your felt heart & stick about 1/2" of the ribbon on the hot glue & press (be careful of the glue, its HOT!
step 2: then place cut up batting on the heart
step 3: using your needle & gold thread, tie a knot at the end of thread & sew (by hand) in between the two felt hearts (that way the knot we tied will not show)
step 4: stitch all the way around the heart and then once finished, tie off

step 5: using the glue gun, put a dot at the top of the small felt heart & place the other end of the ribbon on top & press (don't worry about the pink ribbon showing, you will cover it with the gold sequins)
step 6: next, using your glue gun, hot glue your gold sequins to the felt heart (I did a little glue at a time since the glue hardens pretty fast)
step 7: once you have finished hot gluing one side of the heart, finish the other side until you cannot see any of the white felt

Voila!  You just created a cute gold sequined heart bookmark!

8 months

happy 3rd anniversary to my love