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maple cinnamon quinoa stuffed sweet potato

My husband has a gluten intolerance & I have a dairy intolerance.  Lucky us!  I have been almost completely dairy free for 4 years.  I say almost, because I still sneak in chocolate... I don't know if I could live without it ;)  Because of all these restrictions we have, I always am in search of good gluten & dairy free recipes!  When I stumbled on green plate rule a couple years ago, I was in heaven!  She has so many gluten & dairy free meals!  I have tried a number of her recipes & I love how she preps her food for the week to make it easier to grab a healthy snack. So, the other night (the night I got sick), I made this recipe, maple cinnamon quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes.  Soooo delicious & even Matt loved it!  I didn't have coconut butter, so I substituted it with my dairy free butter.  I made an entire batch of quinoa & saved the rest so I could use it throughout the week.  I especially love using quinoa on salads or as a side to steam veggies.  The one thing I will point out is that I got a large sweet potato for Matt & a small one for me, but Matt wanted more of the filling, so the next time I will double the recipe.  Hope you enjoy!