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Yesterday I woke up feeling energized & ready to start the day with eating healthy, cleaning the house & exercising!  I made three delicious & healthy meals, one I will have to post later!  When Matt came home, I finished dinner then as we sat down to eat, all of a sudden (out of nowhere) BAM!  Sore throat & painful, throbbing, plugged ears!  I felt completely horrible.  Around midnight, I woke up with a stuffy nose & since our room is right next to Oliver's, I slept on the living room couch.  Horrible.  Could not, for the life of me, get any sleep!  I took some Tylenol Cold medicine, which seemed to numb some of the symptoms, but still couldn't sleep.  I am really prone to get ear infections & strep throat, so Matt called the doctor & the earliest they could get us in was 3pm. UGH...  

Okay, so the verdict was strep.  They said they would send off my prescription to the pharmacy right away.  They have a sign on the door that says to give them about an hour to send it in, but just in case we went to the pharmacy 30 minutes later.  Nothing.  Called at 5pm, nothing.  This pharmacy closed at 7pm, & they said they were still checking their machine for prescriptions & for us to call again.  Called for the third time, 15 minutes before they closed.... Nothing!  Tried calling our doctors office, but closed at 5 :(  So now, I have to wait until tomorrow sometime to get it.  I know, long rant.  But I am seriously congested, throat is killing me & my body aches... Woe is me, right? haha.  To top it off, I have reached the limit for Tylenol Cold, so now I have to sleep with no numbing agent!  And we all know, sleeping with a plugged nose & ears & sore throat is no fun.  Ok, rant over!

Side note:  I am so beyond thankful, though, for such a loving husband!  He stayed home from work & took care of Oliver, cleaned the house & even made minestrone soup from scratch!  He is definitely a keeper ;)

maple cinnamon quinoa stuffed sweet potato

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