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spanish rice

You know those people who just throw together a meal without really following a recipe or taking the correct measurements?  Well, I am one of those people...  I'm a risk taker when it comes to cooking.  Cooking, in my opinion, is really easy to just throw together & have it taste decent, whereas baking you have to follow the recipe to the tee!  Of course, sometimes the meals do not turn out as I imagine them, but they are still edible.  Matt usually wants me to follow the recipes, but I have it in my mind that I am a professional chef & do not need a cook book (by the way, I own over 30 cook books & I am slightly obsessed with them...weird).  Anyways, I made chicken fajitas last night & wanted my mom's recipe for spanish rice.  I grew up on it so I personaly think its the yummiest ;)  When I called my mom yesterday, I didn't even ask for measurements... You could say my mom is a risk taker too, just like me.  So naturally, I wrote down the ingredients & started to make it.  It turned out perfect!  The chicken fajitas on the other hand were just "eh"... (is that even a word??).  
Anywho, here is the recipe... well, I guess just the ingredients (no measurements) & my version of the directions.  I apologize in advance for the hodge podge of a recipe!  Have a good night!!

spanish rice

olive oil
white rice
chili powder
chicken broth
tomato sauce

-Get a large skillet & put about 2 TBS of oil in & heat on med-high
-Add rice (I just put enough to cover my pan) & stir frequently, until
rice has turned golden in color
-Sprinkle oregano, chili powder & salt, stir
-Next, add about 2-3 cups chicken broth (you want to cover the rice,
and add a little extra so the rice can have enough to absorb)
-Then add an 8oz can of tomato sauce
-At this point you can add a little water if you think the rice needs more
liquid to absorb
-Turn heat down to med-low, cover with a lid & wait... Check frequently, 
because you do not want black, crispy rice, you want fluffy rice :)
-Serve warm!

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