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macadamia nuts, coconut & chocolate

Tonight was dinner at our place!  We were supposed to go huckleberry picking after husband got off work but plans changed and instead it was dinner at our place.  Something you need to know about me is that I'm super organized... when I feel like it... And today I didn't have that feeling.  But after offering to make dinner for a couple of friends I hurried around like a crazy lady scrubbing down bathroom, vacuuming and straightening up living room & kitchen!! All the while trying to make dinner!  Man, I just need to keep the house cleaned always... But really, when do I have the time to do that!?

  Anyways, I decided to make coconut & macadamia nut crusted chicken over steamed rice and topped with homemade coconut curry sauce.  Delish!  Sometimes I make chicken dry, but husband said not tonight!  A win for me! I will post the recipes soon!

After dinner we walked to get some frozen yogurt goodness and I could hear double fudge brownie calling my name... It was pretty amazing.  I so wish Oliver could experience the chocolaty goodness!  But for now, he will just stare at the plastic liner in his jogger :)

  Then we joined some more friends at the high school track and us ladies walked around a couple times until husbands were done being manly (aka working out). Plus it was pitch black and time for bed.  But oh noooo the fun didn't end there! Once Ollie went to sleep, husband and I watched the season 8 finale of Top Chef... We are hooked on cooking shows! 

In other news, I am excited for fall.  Who's with me!? 

last nights dinner...

Oliver Matthew