Mini Autumn wardrobe with Mini Mioche

Autumn is our favorite season because we love the cozy sweaters, fall brisk walks & hot coffee dates! I honestly believe that autumn has the cutest clothes as well & Mini Mioche is one of our favorite organic clothing brand for Ollie. Their clothing is the softest ever & they sew the tags on the inside so that they aren’t scratchy at all for Ollie! Not to mention, they are the perfect neutral colors that go great with any season!

Mini Mioche was founded by a mom, Alyssa Kerbel, who wanted to create an ethically-made, organic clothes for both babies & kids! Her company was founded in Canada, but they now have expanded to the U.S. where they just recently opened up a shop in Los Angeles! What I love about Mini Mioche is that you can change up outfits with just a few products! We received 5 clothing items & Ollie has worn them is several different ways! I took some photos of how we styled these different pieces so that you can see how interchangeable they are! Underneath the outfits, I linked back to each piece, so be on the look-out for that! And if you had to my Instagram page, I am hosting a giveaway for a $50 gift card to their company that lasts until Friday! Also, be sure to follow along with Mini Mioche here: